Naturally Empowering Beauty
Natural skin care products created by women for women to care for your skin and wellbeing, in midlife, menopause and beyond

About us

We are Louise and Sara, non identical twin sisters and founding partners. Our LaFemmeVerte journey started three years ago ~ We were allowing our life experiences to define us as less than we are, and coupled with symptoms of menopause and changing physical appearance, a loss of identity and confidence was firmly setting in. After much soul searching, we realised that we needed to ‘empower’ ourselves. ‘Empower’ to us means owning and managing our vulnerabilities, restoring our confidence, and cherishing our own beauty ~ All to help us rediscover and accept ourselves.

The idea of ‘Naturally Empowering Beauty’ and the ‘Acceptance of Self is to Cherish your Own Beauty’ is at the very heart of LaFemmeVerte and much of our decision making. To other menopausal women, we say, ‘We see you. We know the challenges you are facing. You are our focus, and you are the reason we have created LaFemmeVerte’ ~ Our beautiful range of natural skincare products is especially for women who are peri through to post menopausal and beyond.



Mum, our inspiration

Our Mum, Joy, created beautiful gardens. Her love of plants was infectious, and her last garden here at West End Cottage continues to flourish year on year. It is a place which inspires, and for Mum, it was her sanctuary, a place where she could clear her mind and rebalance. We know Joy would have loved the LaFemmeVerte natural skincare range with its beautiful, feminine, floral fragrances, and she would definitely have appreciated those grounding moments of calm.

Mum’s much loved mirror

Mum’s much loved mirror, decorated with delicate porcelain flowers, is the inspiration for the floral wreath surrounding our LFV monogram ~ Honouring mum’s memory and keeping her with us at every stage of our LaFemmeVerte journey.

Mum with Louise and Sara, age 2

Until the age of 2, we were dressed identically. This often resulted in several dress changes per day, toddlers being what they are! No wonder poor Mum gave up trying to keep up!

Sara, age 17

Music mad Sara loved being an 80s teenager, and still listens to her favourite 80s group, Japan. Underneath the obligatory perm Sara had overlooked the fact that her hair is naturally curly! Among her favourite clothing items was this cerise pink dress.

Louse, age 17

Louise’s 80s taste was all together more ‘alternative’. Her music taste was somewhat eclectic and a favourite band was, and still is, Spear of Destiny. Preferred clothing was basically anything in black and she was not adverse to dyeing her hair various shades of purple!

Sara and Louse, aged 21

Our graduations ~ Proud moments ~ We are blessed to have a very special Dad ~ Always ambitious for us, and proud of us ~ He really was a little ahead of his time in that he never saw gender as an obstacle to his daughters pursuing careers. He continues to be our most ardent supporter and we value his thoughts, opinion and wisdom more than he knows!

Sara and Louise today

Fast track to more recent years! We knew that we wanted to create something sincere and authentic. Inspired by our precious Mum, we both love plants and admire the power and beauty of nature ~ An alignment with the natural world has become increasingly important to our own sense of well being and a beautiful, focused, natural skincare range to support our skin and enhance our mood felt like a really good place to start ~ We chose the name ‘LaFemmeVerte’ because The Green Woman is the essence of nature. She can be regarded as completely grounded, rooted of the earth and at peace with herself. It is an image that resonates with us and where we want to be.

We achieved diplomas in natural skincare formulation to enable us to create and formulate natural skincare products with confidence, our natural intuition complemented and qualified by natural science. We have a designated building ~ Our ‘LabFemmeVerte’ ~ Where we undertake our research and development, and our production ~ Unlike many skincare companies, we took the decision not to outsource our production, to ensure that we personally oversee and guarantee the consistency, quality and integrity of our products.

The result is a well researched and formulated beautiful range of natural skincare products with optimum efficacy especially for women who are peri through to post menopausal and beyond. In their development phase, our ideas and formulations were extremely well received ~ Women have been asking us when the range will be available to buy and it is with much joy that we launch the LaFemmeVerte natural skincare range here on our website and invite you to join our community and come along on our journey.

Our vision for the future of LaFemmeVerte is that, together, we will help women to embrace menopause as a right of passage, enabling us all to recognise and value ourselves for our life experiences, and our subsequent wisdom and strength. We will continue to create beautiful, natural skincare products that achieve real results, both emotionally and physically, to support women in this transformative stage of life, and we look forward to welcoming all who use our products and subscribe to join our community.

Louise and Sara, Twin sisters, Founding partners