Menopause Articles
Acceptance of self is to cherish your own beauty

The information on the menopause and how it affects our mind, body, emotions and our skin has grown exponentially in recent years and particularly in the last 18 months. We understand so much information can be overwhelming. We know, we have been there!


In our articles section, we have drawn together some of the questions we wanted answers to as menopausal women. We have categorised these into five themes:


  • Skin and LFV products: in this section we explain what menopause skin needs to look its best, we share tips on how to have your best menopause skin, we explain why we selected specific ingredients for our skin care range and what to look for when buying skin care products
  • Peri and Menopause: here we have focused on why our skin changes during the menopause as well as tackling other subjects such as thinning hair and vaginal dryness
  • Wellbeing: our approach to skin care is holistic and we are advocates of mental and emotional wellbeing as well as focusing on our spiritual side too, namely being true to ourselves at all times. We know this is hard as this generation is increasingly becoming the push me, pulls you as we juggle work, home, raising a family and caring for elderly relatives
  • Lifestyle: we are a brand which uses only natural ingredients and emphasise sustainability as well as conscious consumerism. We believe we can all do out bit to improve the environment for future generations
  • Love and Romance: the menopause can affect our relationships with others, and this is a topic often overlooked in the more recent public discussions. In this section we have addressed menopause and sex, sex toys, dating and romance scams


We hope all of the information is useful to you, and helps you to navigate the menopause with confidence to have a rich and fulfilling life.


We also love to hear from you. If you have a question or you would like us to research and publish an article on one of the five themes above, please do contact us at