Gentle Oil to Milk Cleanser with Jojoba

Gentle Oil to Milk Cleansers

If you’re on the hunt for a gentle yet effective way to achieve a flawless complexion in menopause, then look no further than our Gentle Oil to Milk Cleanser with Golden Jojoba.


Golden Jojoba is a versatile oil and has been a skincare secret for years, and for good reason. Not only does jojoba oil provide a deep cleanse, but it also nourishes your skin with essential vitamins and minerals. Whether you struggle with dry, oily, or sensitive skin, our Gentle Oil to Milk Cleanser with Golden Jojoba will help balance your skin’s natural oils and leave you with a radiant glow.


A good menopausal skin care routine should first and foremost start with a good cleanse with  a gentle oil cleanser. A deep cleanse is never more essential than in the evening, although it should be more than just a way to remove post-work make-up. Throughout the day, our skin attracts free radicals including airborne bacteria and pollution, and if they aren’t washed away properly, they could contribute to the premature signs of ageing, pigmentation and breakouts.


Oil to Milk Cleansers are perfect for all skin types, yes even oily skin! and particularly for perimenopausal and menopausal skin.


Without a deep cleanse any other products you are putting on your menopausal skin will really be a waste of money.


Our Oil to Milk Cleanser is made with Golden Jojoba. We chose this oil for its highly effective properties including:

  • its ability to moisturise and prevent irritation to the skin
  • its ability to cleanse and protect the skin
  • it ability to remove build up or excess oil and keep all oil levels harmonised
  • its soothing properties to soften skin
  • the capacity to reduce fine lines
  • acceleration of the wound healing process
  • decreased symptoms of inflammation
  • treating sunburn, scars and acne


As with other products in our skin care range for the menopause it comes in 3 beautiful fragrances:

  • Geranium Rose and Petitgrain
  • Grapefruit and Bergamot
  • Frankincense and Vetiver


In Natural Ingredients, we explain more about why we have chosen to use these wonderful essential oils and the benefits to menopause skin.


“My skin looked and felt cleaner and brighter. I was thrilled with the results.”  Grainne