Nourish and Glow Joyous Facial Serum

Nourish and Glow Joyous Facial Serums

Serums deliver a significant amount of specific nutrients to the skin. Their molecules penetrate the skin providing nutrients and encouraging skin cell renewal and rebuilding collagen. Our range of Nourish and Glow Joyous Facial Serum contains antioxidants including vitamin A, which stimulates cell renewal and boosts collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines.


To further improve the density and elasticity of the skin we have combined Remodeling Intense, (a 100% natural and plant derived active) with Camellia oil, (known as the Geisha’s secret), to hydrate and moisturise the skin quickly and effectively. It also contains naturally occurring squalene to help diminish fine lines.


And if that wasn’t enough, we have also added Perilla Seed Oil to this already fabulous serum. This oil is great for all skin types but especially menopause skin, alleviating dryness and improving the overall texture. It also helps to reduce age spots and hyper-pigmentation. With its rich Omega 3 content it is also kind to sensitive skin.


Because our facial serum has a high concentration of nutrients and has been designed to penetrate the skin quickly, as with all products you are encouraged to try a small patch test first.


Used either on its own, or underneath our La Femme Verte Radiance Day Cream, this all natural serum works hard to leave your skin glowing and healthy – great for when you are about to jump on a Zoom call.


“I was recommended products from La Femme Verte and after trying some of them, I changed from a brand I had been faithful to for many years. Fabulous and I am a very happy lady.
I now use The Joyous Eye Serum, Facial Serum, Oil to Milk Cleanser and Radiance Day Cream. Happy with all my purchases!!”   Liz Smith