Radiance Day Cream

Radiance Day Creams

Our Radiance Day Cream, silky and light, is the cornerstone of our La Femme Verte natural skin care range for menopause skin.


So, why did we focus on a day cream?


One of the most common symptoms of declining oestrogen is the effect it has on our skin. Coupled with changes in temperature, central heating, wind and chill factors the skin on our face endures a multitude of extremities.


Often this results in skin which is dry, dull, inflamed or experiencing redness.


Another result of our changing hormones is the reduction of collagen production, slower cell regeneration, loss of firmness and elasticity.


We believe we can all have our best menopause skin.


We researched and tested a plethora of raw ingredients and carefully blended these to formulate this beautiful day cream for you. We use only natural, premium ingredients including:

  • Murumuru, Cupuacu and Illipe butters: rich in oleic and linoleic oils to improve trans-epidermal water loss due to their excellent emollient properties and build a powerful skin barrier repair agent
  • Beautiful oils including Prickly Pear Seed Oil: to achieve a cream which is very light on the skin and spreads and absorbs easily. Each oil has been selected for its emollient properties and ability to lock in moisture
  • Active ingredients: we have combined hyaluronic acid, commonly known as the “Fountain of Youth”, which has the ability to hold over 600 times its own weight in water to give skin its volume and fulness. Phyto Glycogen gives an efficient energy source to skin cells for an improved overall appearance of the skin. It also reduces skin sensitivity and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier function. When combined with Hyaluronic Acid, the efficacy of the Hyaluronic Acid is hugely increased.


The result is a beautiful day cream which leaves your skin soft, supple, firm and radiant.


“Apart from the scent, what I love about this product is how my face does not feel heavy or sticky unlike my other very expensive and well known brand. Furthermore, when I now apply my makeup I never get the “smudge” after a few hours or lines when applying certain bits of make up, my make up goes on better than ever before. You do not need much as a small amount goes a long way. I really am enjoying using these products, I have for over 30 years always gone back to a well known face cream but honestly have been converted.” Susan, Essex