Regain Your Glow Trio

Regain Your Glow Trio

Our all natural and plant based Regain Your Glow Trio Sets are perfect for establishing a new routine for your menopause skin! And with a saving of £26 on buying the products individually, they represent outstanding value.


Each set includes:

  • a full size Radiance Day Cream, 50 mls for beautifully soft and hydrated menopause skin
  • a full size Nourish & Glow Joyous Facial Serum, 30 mls for a concentrated boost of active ingredients, and
  • a full size Gentle Oil to Milk Cleanser with Jojoba, 100 mls for velvety smooth cleansed skin without stripping your menopause skin of all its natural oils


With today’s busy lifestyles, we are conscious that so many of us do not have the luxury of being able to spend significant amounts of time on a complicated skin care routine. Our aim was to create a skin care routine which takes 10 minutes or less to do.


It is proven that any routine which takes 10 minutes or less, is easier to establish as a daily habit ~ just like brushing your teeth. A good, effective skin care routine should be your daily ritual to pay homage to yourself.


The Regain Your Glow Trio is the perfect introduction to developing a daily skin care routine to have your very best menopause skin.

I wanted to thank you ladies, at the age of 52 I now have a skin care routine ~ something I have never had before.

Mandy, Essex